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In order to be able to guarantee the transfer of competences of the current members of the network to those who want to enter the world of restoration both in Italy and abroad, POLIART organises training courses directly on-the-spot, at both theoretical and operational level.
POLIART avails itself of a close relationship with companies and with the University of Turin, taking advantage of an inter-faculty courses that have been activated in the field of “Preservation and Restoration of cultural Heritage”.

The on-site training has two purposes: to take advantage of the territorial competences and culture that underlines their features, with the aim of integrating individuals who will be trained by professionals of POLIART; to develop a network of professionals in different countries, with the aim of giving them an adequate preparation that will allow them to take part in the POLIART’S Network.

Thus, the training aspect will allow the arrival of foreign students in Italy who will deepen and develop competences, but also acquire an operational specialisation in the field.