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The first step in the process of renovation and restoration is to work with customers in order to evaluate their needs through an open dialogue that helps to develop lines of thought and define better the objectives to be reached.
From the very beginning POLIART has been dedicating its own engineering and design sector to sustainability of renovation and restoration works.

This approach aims to be sensitive to cultural and local factors, combining the most innovative design technologies and the most traditional ones.

POLIART has turned this technique into a useful language for everyone who wants to deal with a complex process of renovation and restoration of buildings or objects belonging to any historical period.
This input allows to take advantage not only of the POLIART’S operational skills, but also of the competences related to planning and design which can be implemented by individual local actors under the aegis of the POLIART.
In order to give an adequate support for any type of restoration, POLIART has set up a sector which contains all DESIGN SERVICES:

- Architecture
- Structural Engineering
- Environmental Engineering
- Interiors
- Industrial Design
- Project Management
- Urban Design
- Consultancy in loco